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B&D Consulting, Inc. (B&D) has invested in and fully funded a state-of-the art R&D lab at our headquarters in Hagerstown, MD to extend our support services and achieve ultimate client satisfaction. Our engineers explore new and evolving technologies to create a vision of how technology will shape the future and business solutions. Our R&D lab facility is a critical part of our innovation life cycle designed to continuously generate innovation, and scale it to improve our service offerings, bringing new ideas and opportunities to our clients. Our core R&D areas are: Engineering, Cybersecurity, IT Systems Integration and Testing, Cloud Computing, Mobility, and Unified Communications.

B&D's physical lab space supports over 2,200 square feet. The lab is supported with raised flooring with a Liebert 1 metric ton Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit, which allows adequate cooling of equipment being dedicated to support the lab's infrastructure. We employ the hot/cold rack aisle layout to provide optimal cooling of the various lab devices. B&D's lab space is supported by 200 kilowatts, which is distributed throughout the entire lab space using standard L-30 twist lock connectors.

B&D's physical access control systems are deployed throughout our entire facility. It requires a security proximity card to gain access at all entry points, whether you're initially gaining access to the building or if you need to gain access to the lab environment.

Our R&D lab practices require expertise across multiple areas of application, system, networking and security design. Our facility has ISP connectivity with dedicated commercial IPv4 and IPv6 address space and multiple fully qualified domain name (FQDN) zones for hosting demonstrations and developing systems. The lab is reachable from all unclassified government networks through their internet boundaries. It is remotely accessible for administrative duties through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity with B&D issued credentials. The lab hosting infrastructure is protected by a security stack comprised of multiple firewalls and security sensors working jointly together with a centralized Identity Access Management (IDAM) system to tightly couple Role Based Access Control (RBAC) and Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) for providing an in-depth security and monitoring solution. Our computing infrastructure also supports multiple hosting solutions to include: KVM, OpenStack, VMWare, Hyper-V as well as Docker EE and baremetal for interoperability testing and flexibility for customer needs. Through our ISP connectivity, we also have accounts with AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud that provide hosting platforms that require hybrid cloud architectures. The systems (when exposed to the internet) are intended to be used for functional demonstrations and development. We also have additional equipment on hand (i.e. Cisco, Juniper) for any need or expansion. Overall, our lab network is highly secured, readily accessible, and easily scalable.

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