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Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and by 2020 there will be several billion connected "things" to the internet. B&D Consulting, Inc. (B&D) has partnered with industry leading OEM's to build a complete solutions package to deploy, manage, secure and monitor all these connected "things".

Once these "things" are connected, secured and managed; B&D provides innovative technologies to allow these connected"things" to access mission and business critical data and applications securely. Providing levels of secure connectivity to these connected "things" allows B&D to provide solutions to our customers; drastically improving how they conduct business and day-to-day operations. B&D provides enterprise-wide engineering services that encompass:

Distributed Systems - Distributed Systems are desirable because they enable systems to have: Transparency, Flexibility, Reliability, Performance, and Scalability. B&D can support complex tasks that can be split and solved in parallel so that the results are generated quickly, system utilization is improved and system idle time is reduced. Job scheduling and job partitioning happens here which increases the efficiency. Application distribution is now dynamically enabled without user awareness. With the growing presence of Cloud Computing and the pay-as-you-go pricing that comes with it, distributed system architecture becomes a viable solution for many applications.

DevOps Automation - Modern Hosting services consist of a stack of services that allow an upper resource to consume a lower resource as a software defined abstraction. DevOps allows a hosted service to be built, tested, operated and maintained throughout its lifecycle like it was a piece of software.
B&D supports the customer operational goals with DevOps Automation by:

  • Building IT systems designed to support change
  • Making changes routine and normal
  • Ensure recoverability from disaster
  • Build things fast
  • Improvements are made continuously
  • Compliance/Controls are built into continuous improvement culture
  • Reduce Human Error
  • Keep systems clean of faults, vulnerabilities and malware - eliminate erosion

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