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B&D Consulting, Inc. - List of Experience Providing Professional Services

DISA ESD (CSD) Engineering: 06/1/2004 – 5/1/2016: In support of this effort, B&D provides support to the DISA ESD (CSD) network architecture and security at 17 geographically distributed CONUS and OCONUS Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs). We have been instrumental in supporting the design, build, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of the Department of Defense (DoD) web de-militarized zones (DMZs) that protect web-based applications hosted in the DECCs that are accessible from the commercial Internet. We have helped our client achieve reduced costs, improved efficiency, and scalability.

DISA Chief Technology Office (CTO) Technology Integration Engineering & Network Enterprise Management Services (TIE-NEMS): 07/18/2014 – 07/19/2019: In support of the DISA CTO, B&D provides technical activities, engineering support, operations, project planning, concept/partner outreach, demonstration management assistance, network information services and optimization of DoD networks. We have enhanced and modernized the CTO event planning and execution by evaluating and improving the complete range of CTO’s collaboration and scheduling tools. We manage their migration to a net-centric environment including the development, implementation, configuration, and deployment of advanced concept net-centric support tools to support the AC&E.

DISA CTO Cybersecurity Services: 9/27/2012 – 9/26/2014: In support of this effort, we provided cybersecurity support services to prevent Zero-Day Attacks, demonstrating how critical information and systems can be protected using “Sandbox” or Least Privilege Access (LPA) methodology to protect critical systems without the use of other system protection mechanisms, e.g. antivirus, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), intrusion prevention systems (IPS), or any other protective mechanism. We enabled critical system security services that provided DISA continuous real-time monitoring and protection of system assets.

DISA ENCORE II Enterprise Email Mobility: In support of this effort, B&D supports Enterprise Email Mobility, providing subject matter expertise covering all aspects of email mobility. This support includes, but is not limited to: technical planning, system integration, independent verification and validation (IV&V), cost and risk analysis for total systems.

DISA Program Management & Knowledge Management Support Task: 03/16/15 to 03/16/16: B&D was tasked to provide additional support to work scope under the current TIE-NEMS Contract #HC1047-14-C-4010, as requested by the SD7 Emergent Services Division (ESD) Director to support Program/Project Analysis, SharePoint, and Knowledge Management. We support the development, implementation, configuration, and deployment of advanced concept net-centric tools for the Advanced Concepts and Experimentation Division. B&D provides additional program and project management analysis support for technical design, planning, implementation, and transition to programs of record for JCTDs, innovation projects, and other similar technology projects. We provide SharePoint content administration; objectives include content maintenance, recommendations, enhancements, back-up/recovery, and data integrity. B&D provides input for development of process maps, standard operating procedures, and user guidelines to standardize processes and procedures. We actively participate in the design of the knowledge management repositories and networking tools.

Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) Enterprise Engineering LAN, WAN, VoIP, and Unified Communications: 10/01/2014– 9/30/2019: In support of the DCMA effort, B&D provides enterprise-wide, network engineering services to DCMA via its LAN, WAN, VoIP, and Unified Communications support contract. We deliver end-to-end network infrastructure, telecommunications, and wiring services to the Agency’s 11,000 users at over 300 distributed locations worldwide, including two main data centers and a development and test lab. B&D is involved in all aspects of the network life cycle of the WAN and all LANs, employing industry best practices and processes.

DOD DMZ Engineering Support: 6/25/2010-6/28/201: The DMZ program protects DoD’s SIPRNet and NIPRNet boundaries by establishing an exclusive set of high-speed, secure and high-availability connections between the networks and applications of the DoD and all external networks, applications and users. The DoD DMZs implement a defense in depth structure within the DoD’s classified and unclassified network infrastructures. The DoD DMZ’s secure the SIPRNet and NIPRNet against intruders, malicious code, insider threats and data spills. The DoD DMZ project, acting through and with the cooperation of appropriate DISA organizations (GS, GE, GO, FSO, CS), designs and plans for integration, procures, installs, operates, maintains and refreshes the DoD DMZ infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) J64 Network and Telecommunications Services (NTS), Voice Services – Upgrade of the Teleposition Systems – E911 Requirements. 6/23/2014-3/26/2015: Team B&D furnished the necessary services, qualified personnel, and technical expertise for DLA J64 NTS VOICE SERVICES Upgrade of the Teleposition Systems, ensuring full integration and interoperability with the implementation of the Micro Automation E911 system. Team B&D (Alliance Technology Group, TRCA, and Black Box) is a certified AVAYA business partner authorized by AVAYA to perform work at a large business enterprise solution levels for the Federal Government on JITC Approved Products. Team B&D worked directly with DLA J64 NTS VOICE SERVICES Program Managers (PMs) and the Telephony Site POCs during the installation work performed. Team B&D met and accomplished all the objectives required skills and knowledge needed across the full spectrum of project management of commissioning, development and testing. These include, but were not limited to, configuration and requirements management, documentation development and maintenance, testing, and implementation. In addition to the technical skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications stated, Team B&D also performed tasks that required the services of personnel who have an in-depth knowledge of DLA security requirements.